Dicks pour house

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decor at Dicks Pour House - Picture of Dick's Pour House, Lake Leelanau

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I expected a deeply resonant, basso profundo explosion of a voice, but what came out was a highly pitched, pou lion baby scream from just below his Fu Manchu mustache. He had a great deal of empathy for people from all walks of life. That might be his greatest gift to us. I ended up in some real interesting places.

Pour house Dicks

But, I praise his ability to see so clearly, hous honestly, and so consistently. Off and on for 35 years he has been my favorite author. And he got his work done. And when it came to political debate, he was never afraid to speak his mind. In some ways it was.

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He had an enormous working vocabulary and a huge store of adjectives and adverbs. As if Truman Capote had gargled with barbed wire. Conversations with him were symphonic.

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