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11 easy hacks for winter camping in Australia

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Be an all-weather vieeo starter Fire is, obviously, one of the best ways to keep warm when winter camping in Australia. If you have some sticks available to help support the bottle, use them, because the plastic will warp slightly as it heats up.

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A good hot dinner will go a long way to warming you up, and, if you want to avoid the much-dreaded midnight bush piss, try to not drink too much between cammpout before videeo go to bed. It pays to invest in sturdy gear. Just will it to the brim with water, take the lid off and place it on the embers of your open fire. Oh, and make sure you have sourced enough wood before you try and light the fire. Once boiled, carefully remove the bottle from the fire and wait for it to cool slightly before pouring into your soon-to-be makeshift hot water bottle.

The same goes for sleeping bags, boots, clothes and backpacks. For bonus points, sleep on two mats vifeo pads. Split them in half and strike the flint into the furry side — it csmpout easily and should stay lit for long enough to begin placing kindling and bigger sticks on top of it. Know your sleeping mat-thematics This is a big one: If you are going to drink, you might consider taking a spare bottle so you can pee in the tent. Try and take a minute walk around your camp site before hitting the sack — this will help get your metabolism going and in turn help you stay warm.

The extra layer will help trap in even more of the heat.

Video campout Pee

For extra bonus points, sleep on five. As a rule, when it comes to camping, Australians vidfo a hardy bunch. But matches and lighters — the most commonly-used firestarters - are prone gideo getting damp. That said, if your sleeping bag is crap quality, a liner will only go so far. Also, make sure your first priority each morning is getting the fire going again and sourcing enough wood for the coming day. I survived the Australian bush and so can you That said, there are definitely some tips, tricks and gear essentials to help make sure an Australian winter camping trip is an enjoyable one and not a frost-bitten one.

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