Breast cancer breast reconstruction

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Types of Breast Reconstruction

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As the new breast has rexonstruction or no sensation, the tattooing is usually painless. Some public hospitals offer a free nipple tattooing service. There is a Medicare rebate for nipple berast, however canxer receive a rebate your tattooing will need to be done by a health professional who has a Medicare provider number. It is a good idea to check before you make your appointment about any out-of-pocket costs for your tattooing. You may also like to call your private health insurance fund, if you have one, to ask if they will cover it. Your surgeon or breast care nurse will be able to give you more information about nipple prostheses.

Useful tips if you are considering reconstruction BCNA members have provided the following useful tips for other women considering breast reconstruction: You will hear from women who have shared their breast reconstruction experience through words and pictures.

Ask for referrals to more than one breast reconstructive Breasr so you can find one with whom you feel comfortable and confident. Get more than one quote - charges can vary considerably from surgeon to surgeon. Ask whether an immediate reconstruction i. Ask lots of questions and ask to see photos of the surgeon's previous breast reconstruction surgeries. Talk to other health professionals, such as a breast care nurse, about breast reconstruction and any concerns you have. Finding a surgeon Breast surgeons and general surgeons can insert tissue expanders and perform implant reconstructions.

Breast Breast reconstruction cancer

If you are interested in a tissue flap reconstruction, you reclnstruction need to see a plastic surgeon. Your breast surgeon may recpnstruction able to recommend a plastic surgeon, or you can visit the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons website Bfeast call for a list of surgeons who specialise in breast reconstruction. The personal stories section of this reconstryction contains stories written by women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery. Visit the Reclaim Your Curves website for support and information about breast reconstruction from women who have travelled the path of reconstruction. Understanding Breast Prostheses and Reconstruction booklet here.

Trying to decide about breast reconstruction? BRECONDA can help you make decisions about breast reconstruction surgery - whether or not to have a reconstruction, and if so, what type of reconstruction will best suit you. Autologous reconstruction also may include an implant. You also can choose whether or not to reconstruct your nipple. In some cases, nipple-sparing mastectomy is possible, which means that your own nipple and the surrounding breast skin are preserved. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages, says Frank J. Implant reconstruction is easier on the front end: Flaps are more difficult to perform, more time-consuming, and a longer recovery.

Advantages You will have your new reconstructed breast when you cancr up after your mastectomy brreast breast conserving surgery. You have fewer operations, so fewer anaesthetics. Your finished breast might look better because the surgeon is usually reconstructio to use the breast skin already there. You will have less scarring on the reconstructed breast itself — usually you have a small patch of skin where your nipple was, with a scar around it. Disadvantages You might not have as much time to decide on the type of reconstruction you want. Your doctor might advise you not to have implant reconstruction if you are having radiotherapy afterwards.

But you can have a temporary implant during radiotherapy and a second reconstruction operation after the radiotherapy. Chemotherapy stops the body from being able to heal itself so well. Chemotherapy at this time would stop the wound healing and you could get a serious infection. The timing of chemotherapy is important.

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There is good research evidence that chemotherapy works best if you start it within 6 weeks of your cancer surgery. Delayed breast reconstruction Some women prefer to get over the mastectomy and breast cancer treatment before they think about reconstruction. Advantages You have more time to look at your options and discuss them with a specialist surgeon. Disadvantages You have a time after the mastectomy with no breast tissue but you can choose to wear a false breast. You might have a larger scar on the reconstructed breast than after immediate reconstruction. Who can have breast reconstruction Breast reconstruction might be possible for you even if you have: There is a higher risk of complications if you smoke, are very overweight, or have other serious medical conditions.

So it is not usual for men to have breast reconstruction. Your surgeon might be able to improve the appearance of the chest with more surgery after mastectomy.

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