Clothes after breast augmentation

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4 wardrobe must haves after breast augmentation

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The better you take auggmentation of the skin on your chest and breasts, the more rejuvenated your skin will stay for years to come. One of the best choices for this is a sports bra, preferably one without seams.

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Bring your closest friend or family Cothes for their opinions and feedback as you try on and model new styles. Show Off Your Beach Body! John Michael Quinn Updating your wardrobe is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have following breast augmentation surgery. Do the same with clothing as you did with bras: After you've had breast augmentation, wearing a bra that fits properly is even more important because your breasts need good support as they heal.

Breast augmentation after Clothes

Your surgeon will give augmentatiin specific advice on what kinds of garments to wear during this time, but for most women, a medical augmenntation bra provides the best combination of support and comfort for the first couple weeks post-op. During a fitting, a trained professional measures your bust and helps you determine your bra size and the kinds of bras that fit you best. Be creative, and wear bold necklace styles that you generally stayed away from before breast augmentation. These will allow you to dress without having to raise your arms.

In many cases, chunky necklaces that stay above the neckline of your shirt are ideal, as well as layered chains, horizontally styled pendants, and necklaces that resemble large bibs. Make an appointment with Quinn Plastic Surgery to learn more about our breast enhancement procedures that can help you look and feel your very best! If your breasts are much larger than before, you might find that your breasts require a bigger dress size than the rest of your body! Many women experience back pain and other kinds of discomfort as a result, but the most common consequence of this is that the breasts aren't properly supported.

Necklaces can add flair to your new bustline Did you know that certain styles of necklaces can draw extra attention to your bust?

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