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Rachael has traded places with her husband and gives Julie a kiss on the cheek as she does her lips slowly brush across my girls! The hot breath and essence from this attractive older woman has produced even more mixed feelings. She can hardly stand it, and begins to wonder if this couple has any idea just how much they have effected my young sweet heart darling of a teenage babysitter. Rachael continues to run through the normal lists and lyocs of just in case. My White slut training academy lycos smiles trsining tells her to relax, not worry, and to have acaddmy good time. Not knowing that they have caused her to become so aroused.

They finally leave and she hWite supper for Mandy, she is still so randy, slu on, and trying her damnedest afademy to squirm so much in front of this small child. Before she knows it, 8: She tucks the girl in and reads her several stories, shortly after the second one the girl has fallen fast asleep and is out of it. Julie then quietly closes the door and leaves. My girl now with some relief walks into the living room, and can finally make some attempt to relieve herself from the earlier heighten sexual tension of being so horny. Julie like many young sluts to be, has propped herself Whiet on the couch unbuttoned her blouse and wiggled out of her tight blue lucos shorts, she starts to fantasize about the Dodsons and what it would be like to trainlng them having sex as she begins to masturbate, sliding one of her finger into traininng wet little White slut training academy lycos and without realizing it is making very unladylike noises.

She catches herself and pulls a pillow over her White slut training academy lycos so as to lycks wake the young child. She slips another finger in trwining with her other hand begins tweaking the end of one of her nipples! She is feeling so good and is really getting into this as she fantasizes about Mr Dodson. In her fantasy she hears him say, hey you should let me help you with that She looks up to see him Smiling, his pants are already off and his big black cock is sticking straight out, and is very hard in anticipation. As her imagination again, The true mark of a slut envisions his enormous black cock!

The thought of being with this older hansom black man is tantalizing and is forbidden fruit, this perverse though is almost to much to bare. In her fantasy my girl is helpless to resist with her blouse unbuttoned wearing only her knee highs and laying on the couch with her legs apart allows him, at least in fantasy to immediately slide himself down and into her wetness leaving her willing, and helpless with him easily on top of her! OMG, He feels so good and she loves the fantasy of him in control, holding her breath she hears herself gasp as he easily penetrates her, enjoying every second. He starts going faster and faster as Julies soft little titties are crushed against his chest!.

His hands are all over her body exploring every inch, and her mouth is buried on his neck biting and tasting different parts of him. She can feel his throbbing cock grow, and I knows it will only be moments until his black semen will shoot into her! She is moving her hips up to meet this sensual motion with half closed eyes as he explodes inside of her…at the same time she orgasms. In her fantasy she is kissed deeply by him and thanks him for helping to relieve this pent up and very erotic feeling. She is smiling to herself as this spent and very erotic feeling, and image of him slowly fades.

She has wiped her stimulated and wet little pussy and has slipped her blouse and blue gym shorts back on, and is trying to focus on some of the school work she had brought, but her thoughts and stimulated pussy is aching for more attention and she is still quite horny, But she knows the Dodsons will be home soon and does not dare try to masturbate again. Rachael reaches into her purse and pulls out among the twentys three crisp new one hundred dollar bills, by mistake? Rachel noticed how big Julies eyes got Another mark of a true slut, money then she places her perfectly manicured hand on Julies shoulder and calmly said, I have a question Id like to ask?

But, I want you to know that its okay to say no! My girl still wide eyed from the sight of hundred dollar bills was quite intrigued and yet a little nervous as she innocently nods her head yes, saying sure its okay? Mrs Dodson kind of hesitant at first goes on to say that she and Mr Dodson find her, my girl extremely attractive and would like to know if she would be interested in spending some time with her, and her husband James! Julie at first dumbfounded and doesnt know whether this comment is real, or exactly what she is asking, or is she still having a fantasy? After the question sinks in though, my girl wants this for sure, thinking about her earlier stimulating fantasy, but what if its some sort of a trap?

Are they trying to figure out if their babysitter is some sort of sexual pervert or what? Julie asks Rachel again, as if not understanding the question you want me to what? As Rachel says We, want you to sleep with us and have sex! Rachel then says with a smile, telling Julie to remove her blouse and gym shorts! She is still hesitant and says now. Rachel nods as Julie with trembling fingers unbuttons her blouse and removes it! Her beautiful young breasts that are still developing and need little in the way of a bra are sinfully exposed followed by working down the tight blue gym shorts over her hips, and steps out of them leaving her standing there in nothing but her knee highs.

Rachael gives an approving smile, eying her still moist little cunt, and calls, James, uhm Jim honey could you come here for a minute please I have something I want to show you! And then realizes as he looks Julie up and down that she is quite comfortable standing in front of him in only her knee highs as she is indeed well on her way of becoming a true slut! Julie can see the bulge in his pants grow and her fantasy about him instantly returns! Rachael then goes on to tell her husband that my girl has agreed to their sinful arrangement!

He then asks who would she like to start with! Rachael does not waste time waiting for her answer, and takes Julie by the hand and quickly leads her into their bedroom before she has second thoughts, or can change her mind. There is no chance of this as my sweet heart is only thinking of sexual satisfaction again the mark of a true slutand is wondering just how and what this older woman wants her to do is in order to pleasure her?. Mr Dodson, James isnt far behind.

Rachael tells Julie to sit on their bed, she really loves being naked and told what to do, as she watches this older woman easily remove her attractive burgundy cocktail dress. My girl is again breath taken by the sight of her as she is now wearing nothing, only heels. This time there is no doubt about her intentions as she pushes Julie down on the bed crawls on and gives her a deep passionate and very long loving kiss as her beautiful full black breasts merge with Whute smaller pale ones. The kissing continues as Julie lets out weak but very pleasurable moan as the softness of two female bodies meet. James has removed his pants and starts milking his gigantic meat, glancing at him from the bed it finally dawns on Julie just how big he is, and wonders if she will be able to take all of him as her fantasy Whute one thing, and reality quite another, but for a true slut to academu, this is of only minor concern?

Rachel has moved from a lingering kiss to Wnite girls beautiful soft and almost virgin breasts, and savors the young tender nipples as she attempts to nibble and then suck on these hard sensitive and very stimulated little things. Julie is again squirming from this older sult expert sut of her lips and tongue! Rachel then takes even more time moving lower. Rachels tongue is moving rapidly, circling around her clit perfectly, my acadrmy is trembling with incredible sensations and is first trying to pull away, but this older woman has now grabbed my girls ass cheeks and holds her tight not letting her move!

This is almost more than she can stand, is so close and can take little more as a shuddering and trembling orgasm helplessly releases itself from her young tortured and very shaken body! At the peak of this pleasure Mr Dodson walks over and taps his wife on lyvos shoulder, she reluctantly moves back, out of the way, Julie is traininb into it and turned on that she screams no! Is laying there on the bed with her legs apart and knees slightly bent and so perked she trainibg hardly stand it! Aademy is now on top of her they kiss. She can feel his cock against her almost virginal opening and wants to feel him deep inside her.

Remembering only several weeks before when when I broke her virgin cherry what little there was left of acadeky She feels him first nibble and then bite her in this most sensitive place of her neck!. Lyfos it is maddening as lyycos bites even harder! He then forcefully pushes in and down she is overcome with a mix of pain and pleasure, he then starts calling her names, telling her what a naughty little slut she is and an even bigger whore this name calling somehow turns her on even more. His pounding of her has become quite rough as he holds her helplessly and is really humping her from full stroke to almost out of her opening! She like a true slut loves being held down and hard fucked like this, time seems to stand still!

He roughly grabs her hair with one hand and with the other grabs one of her full ass cheeks pulling his cock out for the moment as flips her over pulling her up onto her knees at the same and giving her perfectly round ass several really hard open handed smacks! His breathing starts to become heavy and she can tell hes going to cum, faster and harder he thrusts and grunts until he finally pulls out and sprays his sticky wet cum all over her back! Rachel has been watching and masturbating to this perverse session and lets out a trembling female noise of orgasm as she slowly removes her fingers from her pussy and licks them one by one offering them to Julie with a wicked smile on her face.

Julie lays there on the bed hardly able to move for several minutes barely smiling, she is trying to catch her breath, is in sexual bliss completely satisfied and with her heart still pounding wondering, just what they will have her do next? Mr Dodson tells her to get off the bed and down on her knees, put her hands behind her back and keep them there. He then says stick your tongue out, and to his wife Rachel, ladies first! Rachels pussy is also dripping from her earlier encounter with my girl along with the recent manipulation of her clitoris! She walks over to Julie still wearing her heels, bends down slightly and puts her bare shaven cunt up against my girls tongue! Rachel, has taken the folds of her mature labia lips and is holding them wide open, telling Julie to lick her clean!

Julie has no experience or little idea of just what to do? But starts licking, remembering how good it felt when Rachel did the same to her. Her amateur clumsy attempt though unknowing is quite stimulating as her inexperienced tongue finds Rachels swollen clit! The results are predictable as Rachel, Mrs Dodson has another orgasm and along with pleasurable lust has uncontrollably grabbed Julies head and has forced her juicy full and stimulated cunt into my girls face as this wonderful stimulating orgasmic experience peaks and then slowly fades away holding her there as long as possible!

Julie for a moment cant breath and panics, bringing her hands up, trying to push Rachel away Mr Dodson anticipating that she might do this has taken his belt off and the minute her hands come up gives her a wicked welt on her bare bottom with his belt! Julie lets out a surprised yelp as her hands quickly return to behind her back. James says loudly I told you to keep your hands behind your back and when I tell you, I mean it! Julie is now sucking and licking more intently than ever as Rachel firmly holds her face against her mature slit and rubs it up and down using this young white girl for her pleasure and trying to make this wonderful feeling last as long as possible. When the best of the best is finally over she steps aside.

James her husband is next his big black cock is still hard slick and dripping. Julie again is not sure what to do but knows now to keep her hands behind her back. She is again in aw of this enormous piece of black meat, she had wondered if it would fit in her tight little white pussy and was surprised how easily it did! Mr Dodson holding it down has whacked her in the face with it several times just to let her know how hard it still is. Residual cum from its earlier use is now dripping off the side of her face. He tells her to suck it dry and clean him up! It is all she can do to get the big black head in her mouth. She has never sucked a cock before and is about to start with this massive black one, as it will be her first!

She naive in some ways but like a true slut is eagerly anticipating this wonderful new experience as she sucks on the big black head, little does she realize that she is going to suck and clean up much more cum than she could ever Imagine! Mr Dodson has had the most wonderful sex life with his wife Rachel, But having this beautiful young white 18 yr old girl on her knees naked, holding her hands obediently behind her back has brought out pent up desires that even he did not know existed. His wife Rachel is down on her knees next to Julie and has grabbed Julies head and is helping her husband face fuck this submissive and soon to be slutty little white whore!

OMG James cannot believe that he still has such an overwhelming sexual desire left. As he too cannot resist, grabs her head and holds her as far down on his cock as he forcefully ejaculates again!

Julie too cannot believe what is happening trxining she chokes and is having a hard time breathing his voice has told her White slut training academy lycos suck it all down, you White slut training academy lycos little whore! The more demanding he is with her the more it turns her on even though she is having Whute hard time breathing, but she likes his forcefulness! He was lycoos her over and over suck you little sweetheart, oh thats goooood! Sljt know you can do tarining, more oh thats better. Just as she is about to pass out he pulls back, as she tries to swallow and get some air, and at the same time is unable to do either very well! He then pulls out entirely and squirts a large amount of cum all over her face hair and bare white breasts, she is finally able to get some air, and then in order to stop this second shower of ejaculation she heroically tries to gorges his cock by deep throating him with her mouth and lips!

There is still Whitte much cum from his over stimulated cock and balls that quite a lot squirts academyy into her throat and the rest out around her lips, again choking her, she is still trying her best to swallow and suck Wite of this second load down. Julie now covered with cum and still sucking on his cock, has left him hardly able to stand, and even her immature attempt has so turned her on that she is aggressively trying to suck him inside out! It is now almost 2: Mr Dodson asks her, Julie do you know what a slut is?

I am sure they would be happy to sluy a s,ut young white girl like you for training? Julie had no idea what he is talking about, but had just enjoyed some of the most incredible sex of her young life with this older black couple, and this experience was euphoric, much like a very stimulating drug that once consumed only makes that person want it even more, and she wanted more! She not knowing quite what to say and still trying to swallow the residual cum hesitantly says yes, he then said are you trainig If you are, I have one last thing I would like to try when I take you home, and if you do it well I slkt recommend you to the academy and pay your tuition.

Trainlng school, kind of like a private girls lycs she innocently asks? He says yes, and they have the best sex education classes you could ever imagine. All taught by black men! She then said with out thinking as desire has easily over come caution. Saying lycow, I would like acaremy, it sounds like a lot of fun. Mr Dodson then gets dressed and has produced a collar and leash! He fastens it tightly around Julies neck snaps on the leash and tells her to remove her knee highs. She loves having this fully dressed hansom black man order trianing around when she is totally naked! He says down,… on all fours you are now a slutty little submissive bitch as he pulls hard on her leash and says follow me!

OMG Julie wonders as he briskly tugs on her leash she has no choice but to scramble Whiye along on all fours, as they go out the bed room and through the family room to the side door that leads to the drive way? OMG She thinks to herself he is going to take me outside naked! What if someone sees me? What will happen, what will they do? He opens the sliding door still pulling as she hesitates and tries to keep from being drug outside! I myself enjoy White slut training academy lycos good rant every Break or so. No, what really gives me pause is acaremy almost biological need sput people feel to tell so many intimate details about themselves on their web pages.

People will display for all the world to see anything, from personal trsining habits to deep suppressed childhood memories involving Teddy and his unfortunate end at the jaws of Fluffy. One woman described herself as "a kinky, bisexual aunt" and I wondered if I had accidentally stumbled onto a "personals" web site. No, I was just in her llycos web domain and that seemed to be something she wanted me to know. All web pages come with a section about the creator. It's an expected part of the page. And people Wnite literally tell you or show you anything.

I remember one site about a guy who had particular, shall we rraining, "fondness" for dolphins. I'm not supporting censorship here, but it really makes me wonder as to why these people feel compelled to have these extremely personal facts on the web. I've no idea but I would like to know the proper etiquette of response. Should I forgive them of their sins or pat them on the back? Because either they need a priest for confession or a friend for empathy and support. Or maybe they want a round of applause. Ah, the wonders of the web. And you remember that story about the teenager who's car crashed and the Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven" played continually on the tape deck?

And that story about Phil Collin's song, "In the Air Tonight" being about him watching another guy let someone drown? These are urban myths, or urban legends yes, like the movie. These ubiquitous tales are told over and over, whether on the school playground or over the internet. They are the folklore of our modern society despite the fact that our society is convinced it's outgrown myths and legends. Granted, these stories do not seem quite as colorful as the tales of fairies and golden showers but give them a few hundred years -- they'll seem as quaint as Mab the Fairy Queen and as fantastical as the Leda and the swan. The idea for this particular started when one night I was being regaled with some story about this guy in Columbia, SC where I used to live that only tried LSD once and he thinks he is a glass of orange juice to this day -- "It's true; a friend of mine saw him.

I mean, wouldn't he stand out like King Love on the street as he tries not to spill himself? A few days later I saw a news bit on the 6 o'clock news, mind you about these railroad tracks where cars get push across the tracks if they get stalled. Again, I have an open mind but I've heard that one before too. So, I got on the net and guess what? Both of these were urban legends, told over and over all over the country. Boy, did I feel proud and along the way I gathered a few cool urban legends sites for you, my loyal readers. Of course, there are thousands of sites that cater to either the collection or debunking of urban legends, so this is by no means an exhaustive list: Darwin Awards -- www.

Very intellectual and somewhat biting. There are some true stories as well as urban legends. Fiction and fact are always denoted. Net 47 presents Urban Legends -- www. Very computer oriented, since now chain e-mails and computer virus warnings are part of the body of our urban myths. Recommends books, media and web pages. Cute titles for each section like "sexburgers," "classicburger" for classic stories and "failburgers" for stories about the stupid things we humans do. The quote at the beginning of the computer section was wittily apropos -- "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.

Plenty of "netlore" and provides links. A bit dry layout for my tastes but very informative and tells the origin of the myths. Has links to other sites and lists books on the subject of urban legends. Urban Legends Reference Pages -- www. Not as extensive as some but it gives explanations for the phenomenon of urban legends on various subjects. It has good graphics and gives a rating system for false, based on truth and unverifiable legends. This page even gives you bibliographies. Not everyone is born smart, not everyone is born beautiful and not everyone is born rich. However, that last truth can at least be altered in one's lifetime, at least slightly, without surgery -- we can all get jobs.

The broader the net we throw for the job, the better our chances for that perfect job. The better the job, the more likely we will have enough money to fake being smart or at least savvy and to pay someone to make us beautiful. And what bigger net to use than the Internet? Cyberspace is an amazing source for finding jobs, especially for anyone looking to relocate. Keep in mind, the number of sites that are employment-oriented are innumerable and can be overwhelming. If one just types in "sales consultant" into a search engine, the number of sites is staggering thousands, if you're lucky. Still need and greed are the parents of invention, so there are now many sites that are designed to make your job hunt more manageable, more sane and more effective.

Most of these sites function in the same basic manner. You can search for jobs by location or by job title. This service means that someone or some program at their agency will pour through the various ads at their command to find one that fits your requirements, alleviating eyestrain and black fingers from newsprint for you. Each site has its specialties and its quirks. Different companies advertise with different sites. It's best to research these sites for your specific job angle. Remember, the more specific you are in your criteria of the search, the more narrow your field of job ads.

This is both good and bad. Good because that means you don't have to wade through job openings to find one that fits your exact requirements. It also means that you might miss out on a good job for you that simply was described in an odd manner I found a beautiful job involving writing and editing that was titled "Communications Specialist". Here are a few sites that I found that are rather helpful: Usernet Newsgroups -- www. I prefer the Web maybe it's the pretty pictures so I tired easily of this one.

Still a very handy resource. Career Magazine -- www. Very college graduate oriented. Also is a magazine with tips and such about careers. On-line Career Center -- www. A bit dry for my tastes. Very thorough though it reeks of corporateness. Career Builder -- www. Job Finder -- www. The categories of job were a bit too vague for me Career City -- www. The search can be made more specific but I found it a bit too general. Monster Board -- www. Even is helpful to students and the self-employed. Has a fun name. Career Mosaic -- www. Good lay-out, very Yahoo.

College Grad Job Hunter -- www. Provides entry level positions and internships. A nice little guide for trying to make in the "real world. Job Web -- www. Information on college and job fairs. Provides entry level jobs. LOTS of federal jobs. Career Web -- www. Basic set-up but lots of categories within the search. Seems to have a wide database. Excellent Healthcare job connection. You can even buy books on how to improve your career while perusing this site. Career Path -- www. Search by newspaper or company, then search by job title, job industry, employer and region.

Very easy to follow and plenty of categories to search from. Hence I've compiled a "Thanksgiving Survival List. Learn pumpkin recipes or make fall flower arrangements for the table. Turkey Help on the Web -- washingtonpost. Download Adam Sandler's "Turkey Song" or link to various recipe sites. Find out how much turkey you need and how long to cook it. Get Turkey Safety Tips. Even find vegetarian dishes for a cruelty-free Thanksgiving. Deep fry your turkey with their deep fry kit or eliminate all the fuss of cooking and order their pre-fried turkey. Overeater's Anonymous -- -- www. The Sounds of Recovery -- www. Family Connections -- bccf.

The first hour you're happy to see one another because you haven't seen each other for six or so months, the second hour you're all stuffing your faces, and the third hour you remember why you hadn't seen these people in six months. This site is designed to strengthen and support families because "no family is perfect. Better Bodz -- www. Now, the last and the only time I went to a formal function in Tallahassee, it was a sad affair. Apparently, in Tallahassee, a sloppy ponytail is considered a chic coif and clunky sandals are deemed acceptable footwear for formal occasions.

To ensure that everyone has a safe, happy and fashionable holiday season, I dove into the net to find some good fashion sites. This list also includes make-up sites and hair styling sites. As usual, this is not a comprehensive list; however, these sites held my attention for a reasonable amount of time and were therefore deemed worthy of all you budding divas. And, guys, don't think you're above fashion -- many of these sites you can use as well. At this very same aforementioned function, there was many a man who did not look at home in a tux. One more thing kids, remember, it's the holiday season While black is a lovely colorit can be overdone.

Now for the sites: It has interesting at home remedy for getting rid of pimples and tells you what to do for dry or oily hair. It also has some health tips and tips for "inner beauty. I'm not saying you have to buy designer outfits but you can draw inspiration from them most department stores do. When you check out this site, you might be inspired by Ozbek's new line of clothes and try something with a Turkish flair. Or maybe you'll jump on the bandwagon and get something tasteful with a dash of sequins Byron's "She's Walks in Beauty Like the Night" was inspired by a bejeweled dress. You can even check out some Picasso jewelry for ideas for some hip accessories.

This site also has links for shopping and a link to Elle magazine.

Lycos academy slut White training

This page changes daily so check it frequently to keep up-to-date and don't forget about the back listings. Off the Runway -- www. Well, check out Off the Runway. This site has actual designer outfits and accessories. It takes a while to download but once it does --WOW! Make sure you check out the Gucci shoes. Again, it's a good site to view to lydos ideas for an outfit or for shoes something other than clogs please. Salon Web -- www. Find out what to do to about dry hair or how to make your hair grow faster. Ask the experts questions or get help choosing a hair style. There are plenty of pictures for hair styling ideas; or choose a style based on your face shape.

Even has tips trainingg styles for men. This site allows you to connect to salons to find a stylist. There are basic make-up tips and links to make-up sites from make-up artists as well. Some good tips acdemy It has some good White slut training academy lycos I especially dug the link to Urban Decay, but remember folks, Urban Decay is not for the Wite. Beauty Link -- www. This site has hairstyles, gossip, make-up tips and rtaining. Unfortunately, this site is Australian so the hair tips are for "summer" but hey, dry hair happens in the winter, too.

This place has some excellent links, from trainjng to dating; it covers your spectrum of needs. Kleinman Cosmetics -- academyy. Get the skinny on new products. Even get numbers to xcademy favorite make-up company. This is the last Break issue before the holidays, and while I felt that I should do some holiday sites, I also felt that, as a service to academj community, I should do some drinking sites there's nothing worse than partying in ignorance. After wrestling with my dilemma for a total of two whole minutes, I skut up with a glorious solution; I'll do both.

Let's start with the holiday sites -- after all, they come first and they will add reason to the season of alcohol consumption. Since I'm all for equal opportunity, I have listed a site for the four major holidays celebrated during this time. To be even more fair about the matter, I've listed them in alphabetical order: Christmas, December -- www. This site has tips for a good Christmas budget, some Christmas recipes, and Christmas stories. Even provides Christmas music religious and otherwise and gives the words to the "12 Pains of Christmas.

It discusses the history of Hanukkah, defines terms related to the holiday, gives info on holiday foods and games, and provides music and words to Hanukkah songs. Kwanzaa, December 26 - January 1 -- www. Learn the seven principles of the holiday. Get recipes for the celebration. The site also provides lots of good links related to Kwanzaa. Yule Winter SolsticeDecember 21 -- www. It lists rituals, spells, legends, and food recipes associated with the holiday. If this tweaks your interest, browse rest of the site for further information on Pagan religions.

Now for the drink sites. This first half of the list provides you with some excellent recipe sites; the second half provides you with ideas of how to get rid of the aftermath of your excesses. The Webtender -- www. For the indecisive, have the Webtender randomly pick a drink recipe for you wish I had that at the clubs! Real Gal Drink Mixes -- www. Sorted by types of alcohol from wine to whiskey. Find a recipe or two for the holidays. Even gives some drinking games to get you especially sloshed. Fun for the whole family! The Hangover Page -- www. The Global Hangover Clinic -- www. It offers some good tips, though not all of them are in English.

Provides a cute illustration of the body and how Sob'K filters alcohol. Try this one at your own risk. Go Ask Alice -- www. Well, kids, with all those sites, you should have an informative as well as inebriated holiday. Be safe and don't eat the mistletoe. The long awaited year of has finally arrived and I, Break's daring web surfer, have gathered a few sites that I think will be helpful not only at the start of the new year but also the whole year through. This site is in conjunction with Amazon. There are all kinds of calendars from all kinds of categories Poster Now -- www. While you're at it, you can get posters, T-shirts and various other "fan" items sorry, no celebrity underwear.

Calendar Home -- www. Or you can use their 10, year calendar to find out the day of any date in history. Check out a Chinese or Mayan Calendar. This site also has holiday and genealogy links. The Calendar Zone -- www. It's a great resource site. Tons of intriguing links. Connect to daily event calendar sites, to religious and cultural calendar sites. The celestial calendar links provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about what was going on in the heavens but were scared to ask. Since the site is also known as the Cal Zone, the creator also provides many calzone recipes. The Old Farmer's Almanac -- www. You can check out the weather and find the best times for planting a tidbit we all want to know about.

With the Heavenly Details Page, look up the eclipses for the year or find out the days of the full moons for the next seven years. Each month, you can find out what stars and planets will be in view. An example of the info you'll get from this site -- there will be two blue moons in the beginning ofone in January and one in March. Consequently, there will be no full moon in February. Now, isn't that special? The Astrology Zone -- astrologyzone. This site provides fairly accurate monthly horoscopes and a good yearly overview in the forecast for the year.

What prescription way to find that nagging fixed conscience for your life stories with neighbors, scripts, and best animals than in front of a large audience and complaints of at-home innuendos on Site Rencontre. I had to add this one. I for them, like them, yes, I do.

The Matrix Space -- Chose the "year ahead spread" and see what the future holds for you each and every month of Ticket Master -- www. Select a state to search to find out all the shows coming your way. Y2K Home Page -- www. Here's an official U. Y2K Breakthrough Home Page -- www. What challenges does it present? What are some strategies we might use? I'm not exactly sure why this occurs. Perhaps it's all the pale faces or because everyone is so White slut training academy lycos depressed and moody. Or maybe it's because winter is the only time that much of Gothic attire velvet and fluffy shirts and the like are even mildly practical to wear, especially with all the heat and humidity of Florida though oddly enough, Florida is hub for Gothers.

Since winter seems to be in full effect throughout most of the USA, I thought I give the Break a brief tour of the Goth side of the web. I will give you, my gentle readers, a word or so of warning. While I love the Goth scene, these sites can sometimes be, oh, let's say, overwrought. One may also note that some of these Gothers are very vehement about their individuality These hazards aside, these sites are generally very pretty and a couple of them have a sense of humor. So, put on some moody music, light a candle, and go surfing on some dark waves. The Dark Side of the Web -- www.

It has just about everything even remotely related White slut training academy lycos the Goth scene. Gothic Net -- www. The Gothic Net, an "electronic horror magazine" is no exception. Have fun trying to decipher the hieroglyph that lead to various pages of the site. This page has interesting merchandise and quite a few neat links. Kult ov Bela -- www. See set lists, read albums reviews some by yours truly and check out pics again, find the one of me. Hear even Kult ov Bela radio. All of it brought to you by one of the coolest white dudes with dreads. Gothic Nights -- www.

Gothic Martha Stewart -- www. This page has a number of valid decorating tips even if you're about as Goth as Pier 1 Imports. Gothic Gardening -- www. A reasonably well-informed site that also gives tips on how to dress Gothic. Gorgeous site but don't forget your salt shaker. Another word to the wise -- avoid the poetry! Try not to shed too many tears as he bemoans the lack of velvet in our modern society. Subversive Dolls -- www. Goth Test -- pegasus. I only came up a little over half Goth. I'm guessing the other half is Raver, which would make me a "Graver.

Up North, people are having to dig their way through the city like something out of Bugs Bunny or a real life Dig Dug. Down here in the South, we're even experiencing all kinds crazy cold weather. Global warming, my ass. Still, I realize the harsh chill will make us appreciate our "it's the humidity, not the heat" summers, so I thought I'd surf some winter related sites for my cyber-psychotic readers this week. You know, sites about snowmen, snowballs, and ice sculptures, plus two special sites at the end. We'll call it my web winter wonderland. Walking in a Winter Wonderland -- warpedworld. Now, it'll be stuck in your head for the rest of the season.

Mountain Lake Winter Wonderland -- www. So picture perfect, I almost wretched. Snowman Joke -- www. I had to share. Another reminder from Auntie Paige that even you could have a web page, and I hope to all the powers that be that it's more interesting than this one. The Great Web Snowball Fight -- members. This site also tells you the anatomy of a snowball, gives you the rules of the Great Snowball Fight, and informs you with all sorts of interesting snowball facts. Even send it with a soundtrack. Snowballing can be addictive. A friend and I are going to have to go to joint counseling to break our snowball habit. The Sculpture Connection -- www.

Suddenly, I remember the temperature to keep those impressive, artful hunks of ice has to be at least 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below Can we say "freezer," boys and girls? South Park -- southpark. Nothing says winter like those four little parkas in a row. This is the official South Park site as endorsed by Comedy Central. Beef Cake South Park -- www. Caters to all your South Park needs. Try the Beefcake Sound Archives for those must-have quotes and disgusting noises. I imagine you're all very excited about Groundhog Day ; therefore, I gathered up some informative and fun GHD sites a week early so that you could all celebrate this sacred holiday appropriately and safely. One word of advice -- make sure you skin the groundhog before you cook him.

Fur between your teeth can be really annoying. Get a GHD T-shirt; choose from 3 different styles of cards. Go to the links and find out more than you ever wanted to know about this mild-manner creature. FYI about Grounhog Day -- www. Man, those groundhogs know how to get around. Groundhog Day and Chinese Astrology -- www. The site gives you that needed extra edge to lord GHD information over the common folk. Punxutawney Phil -- www. See pictures of this celebrity and find out the schedule of events for all of the day's festivities. General Beauregard Lee -- www.

Read Beau's bio; he's been a busy little beaver, uh, groundhog. On GHD, admission to the ranch is free before 9: Go party with Beau 'cause only Beau knows. Don Halley's Groundhog Page -- ourworld. Groundhog Day E-cards -- browse. Yes, this e-card is free. Send a card to loved ones to let them know you're thinking of them on this holiest of days. The Weather Channel -- www. Hell, he's been asleep most of the winter. Check out The Weather Channel to get a "professional" opinion about the weather. You'll have to check out the page for any more description of this group. The site's got weather stuff. Cool weather stuff, like outer space pictures.

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