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We were so DIY. Interfacing guy is did to be able. I've dedicated back and sensual the press.

There's something undeniably easy to relate to there. I remember coming home and going, "Wow, people are really nice. It cemented that this is what the band was gonna be. They loved our record.

Have you been able to park your demons from this era? I didn't start to feel a shift away from that until the end of [the album] Sainthood. There were moments for sure — important press that was so complimentary but so backhanded. After breaking all of the rules and not knowing what we were doing, we now know exactly what we're doing.

The feels album features an attendance of artists. I will have to selectively with that also.

I relied more on the connection to the SSara than any other detail. I was shell shocked. Looking back on it I can see how that was juvenile and childish, but also lovely. You were calling the shots. Many were fans of bands of the emo genre. I started to feel resentful of guitar culture. Sara, what are your thoughts? I think it deserves it. The Con is youthful and sophisticated. I'll never be those people.

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We were 27 years old. Because there was no social media. I never doubted that it was an important part of our archive.

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