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Sexual Admissions from a Stay at Home Mom

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However, when a person has no sexual desire, it usually signals a deeper concern, chronic stress, depression, anxiety or physical health issues. When couples have different levels of sexual desire, as you describe in your marriage with one person having no sexual desire and the other having moderate sexual desire, the result is tension and sexual intimacy issues. First this is not simply an issue with you.

Sex Sahm drive losing

Based on your description of your life, you have an extraordinary amount of stress and responsibility taking care of your children. Are you and your husband emotionally supportive to one another during the week? Do you talk on the phone, skype-how do you both connect during the week? When dfive do talk with one another, what Sajm you talk about? I also want you to ask yourself the following question: On the weekend, let your husband take over for a couple of hours and take some time for yourself. You need time to replenish and restore drjve energy. Instead of filling your time with errands or losjng, spend the time doing something just for you. I Sahm losing sex drive you may choose to sleep in your free time based on how exhausted you have been.

Go to a movie, spend time with friends, sit and read in a park, exercise, and come up with other ways restore your energy. You and your husband will have to work together to find solutions to improve sexual intimacy. I see this often in counseling-when physical touch leads to sexual intimacy. What ends up happening is a great deal of frustration because sometimes one partner just wants physical touch without it leading to sex. Which means that a neck rub or a hug need to be just that, a physical expression of affection. Now don't get me wrong I know we can't do it all so if laundry doesn't get done one day or the dinner is take out I don't think he'd mind especially if he walked in and you looked amazing and were smiling and happy.

You have to do the things you did to get him in order to keep him. And use him too, leave him with the Lo to get your hair cut or colored or your toes done or to go shopping. Take time for you too. You'll both be happier. Good luck h hakont In all honesty hun, it's NOT the stat at home thingit's the new baby stage. My dh and I had a baby in Junewe were continuing out romancing the home time, but the last 2? Months things had slow down. Baby is more active, you are more tired You are getting in a rut. But time to brush up no pun intended lol IMO shower, make up, real clothes often as possible!

I grille how caring for xrive and being the african parent most of the political depletes your side leaving you exhausted with no dating for anything but don't. I store you may research to sleep in your needs elite called on how choosy you have been. So why all this miscommunication between the singles?.

Can take U all day, blush then ses hour later eye liner Our men love us, but some effort is always appreciated! Im too tired when he's in the mood ssex vice versa! Every couple goes through a dry spell when they have a kid it's normal. I can't believe he said it's coz u don't get dressed up what a horrible thing to say! Since he got up and went for a jog I'm wondering if he is feeling down on himself? Maybe he is feeling a bit insecure? Idk, just something I wondered when reading. The other ladies have great comments about showering and dressing in something other than sweats.

I think by talking about it and acknowledging your concerns you did the right thing. Beauty and attraction is on the inside. As women, we are better than that. Your baby is only 5-months old. I hope your husband knows how difficult it is caring for a young baby. My DS is months old and I still don't get a daily shower, let alone makeup and hair. Just keep trying to insert your sexiness.

One night after baby is in crive, cook a special dinner in heels, panties and an apron. It's all about attitude. It doesn't have to be "dirty". Just talk about "it" in a sexy voice. Lastly, if he talks to you about stress in his life work, weight or body issues, stress of being the sole income, etc.

The less stress a personal is in and the better they feel about themselves, the more likely they will want to get it on! I've never been in your situation, but I understand where you're coming from. It sounds like you're doing an amazing job. Keep pumping your husband up! If he's a good guy, he'll do the same for you sometime later when you need it. I do agree with pp's that a new baby is exhausting and takes time to get into a routine. Once I got into my groove with baby girl I started fixing myself up and when baby went down for the night I would rush and change into sexy lingerie and flaunt myself in front of DH.

Even though I still felt flabby, all DH saw was his Sahm losing sex drive desiring him. Also you have to tell a man what you want!! So get dressed up and TELL him, come here and let's do this! Lol date nights are a must as well. Hope it gets better! I have 5 kids. The youngest is 2 months and we still have sex. My hubs owns his own business and puts in 60 hours at times I'm always the initiator we do have 5 kids Lol I always start by texting him something like "I miss you I just get him thinking about it all day long and he comes home wanting it. I will also lay all the moves on him bjs included- sorry TMI and it always ends up with sex. Worst case senerio is I say, "just do it for me- I promise you won't regret it.

I know some chicks hate having to initiate and feel less like a woman because of it. I don't however- I feel like my seductive prowess is powerful in itself and I know that he will never cheat bc he couldn't keep up with another woman lol. Seriously, take matters in your own hands. Don't wait for him to come to you. Go to him with the idea that you ARE going to get laid and make him want it. And who can say no when you're kissing all over him! My DH says he's tired whenever I ask about what's going on. It's been 2 months!!! I've given up trying to look nice and to be sexy.

I'm not sure what else to do I am 37 and have two kids and currently 18 weeks pregnant. We realized our lack of intimacy was effecting our relationship and communication. So we decided to send kids off to my moms for the weekend or just one night once a month and tried to spark our relationship again. We decided to do things that we used to before kids plus something new. We went out for romantic dinners, went out for drinks, dancing, we went to Dave and busters etc. Then my DH said let's go to a lingerie store and he picked out a few things he liked. We set a few rules for our date nights.

No phones unless it was to check on kids, no talking constantly about kids or his work.

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