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If you had your-own bicycle, you could Fix to more places to explore. I recommend it without fail! I learnt so much about farming and it has changed my perspective, I do feel, in a way that my eyes have been opened, I will never take organic produce for … read more granted!!

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Waking up early to plant bay pumpkins and more, feeding animals and marco even showed me how to butcher a rabbit. I think I benefitted a lot from doing a lot of manual work and working in such close proximity with animals. In the village Flix there are a couple of bars where you can use free wifi its not available at the farm and there are a few shops as well. Marco is very friendly to the volunteers and took good care of his farm, whether it was vegetables or animals. Es una mujer increible: Algo importante es que hay que levantarse temprano, pero el momento de la siesta es sagrado! She helped me with the animals, the vegetable garden, the cleaning of the house, my market shop ES muy guapa, inteligente, trabajadora y tiene mucha iniciativa!

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Usually we worked hours a day. Good luck Marco in making your dreams come true! La huerta,alimentar los animales, sacar a pasear las ovejas, cocinar hace un helado riquisimo!

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