Asian holidays and festivals

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14 Incredible Asian Festivals

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Trang Underwater Wedding Festivls Trang, Thailand Met the love of your life whilst backpacking? Why hesitate a moment longer? Spontaneity is the way to go.

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Give your folks at home a heart xnd and tie the knot in a truly unique way at the Trang Underwater Wedding Aisan. Each one of the tattoos reportedly unique and the monks work through the night to meet demand. The scene is incredible as people fall into trances and some people start to behave like the animal that festiavls represented by the tattoo that they have had engraved onto their skin, such as a tiger or a snake. Travellers can also attend the festival and get Askan themselves. One famous person who queued up to get inked here was none other than Angelina Jolie. Legend has it that the site dates back to over 2, years when a Buddhist Monk began meditating holidsys the area.

Festivls beautiful spot holidqys the site of a religious festival, officially beginning on 15th February and continuing throughout the month of Festivls. The event sees hundreds of thousands of pilgrims making their feativals to frstivals, the most famous Buddhist pilgrimage site in Vietnam. People travel by boat on the Yen River through a stunning landscape of green rice fields and jagged limestone karsts to visit the series of caves built into the mountains, which make up the sacred Pagoda. There, they visit shrines to pray for happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

This time is also known as an auspicious interval for young people to start courting! The date also marks the start of the Hindu New Year. Although primarily a Hindu festival, non-Hindu residents are also expected to respect the occasion and even tourists are also expected to observe the rules. Peace in Bali, Indonesia. Locals in this mountain city come out from their houses to celebrate the arrival of a new season and the blooming of the new flowers around the town! This festival is one of the biggest flower festivals in the world and attracts people from all over the world. A high energy Lombok tradition, the event sees a series of cattle races taking place on a soggy race track metres long and is a favourite amongst local farmers and is a popular event that never fails to draw in an excited crowd.

Where am I again? Songkran in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Garden hoses, water pistols, super soakers, even buckets of water mixed with talcum powder are thrown haphazardly at innocent passers-by. Traditionally, Song Kran is the welcoming of the Thai New Year and is symbolically a time for new beginnings and spiritual cleansing. As well as celebration, it is also an important time to spend with family members and pay respect to elders. On the first day of the festival, Thai people clean their houses to welcome in the New Year and visit temples to pray and offer food to the monks.

An important ritual is to cleanse or bathe Buddha images by gently sprinkling with scented water, a ceremony believed to grant prosperity and bestow good fortune in the New Year. Travelling during Songkran is a challenge!

Thousands of holldays flock to the city during these few days to celebrate on a huge scale. Hoards of people drive around the city looking for any victim who may have an inch of dryness left about his or her person! In Bangkok, the Khao San Road experiences even holirays mayhem than usual as the atmosphere reaches fever pitch and in downtown Silom, in the heart of the city, the carnival is electric! Read a Survival Guide for Songkran Scrooges here! Traditional New Year games also take place on street corners up and down the country; as locals join together to have some light-hearted, good wholesome fun! Pee Mai in Laos. Akin to Thailand and Cambodiathis is the hottest period in Laos and the celebrations not only welcome in the New Year but mark the beginning of the monsoon season.

But, like all of the New Year Festivals, the emphasis is on having fun! Expect to get wet as friendly Laotions take pleasure in drenchings designed to wish you a long and healthy life! Burmese New Year Thingyan — Myanmar Celebrated over a period of four to five days, this celebration of the New Year also involves throwing water surprise surprise!

In anr rural festifals the tradition involves the sprinkling of scented water in a silver bowl using sprigs of jambul cumin. The Bali Spirit Festival Enjoy the international celebration of yogadance, and music. BaliSpirit Festival blooms every year holirays the heart of the magical nad of Bali. The venue is surrounded by tropical rice fields, temples, and timeless spirituality. Our diverse and vibrant community has its roots in holidys core life-principle of Balinese Hindu Tri Hita Karana — to live in harmony with God, with people and with nature. That being said, many Chinese communities would continue on with celebratory traditions such as lion dance performances, lighting fireworks, and go to house visitations throughout the festive period.

Deepavali No celebration is as colourful and vivid as the Indian festival of Diwali, or as it is known in Malaysia as Deepavali where it is designated as a national holiday. Known as the Festival of Lights, Deepavali signifies the victory of light and hope over darkness. The day starts off by taking a bath with oil and praying. Later during the day processions, street-fairs, fireworks, and get-togethers take place. It is the aromas of a variety of dishes lingering across the streets being one trait that truly symbolises the festivities of Deepavali in the areas where there is an Indian community. Like any other festival, Deepavali is not without its pomp.

Festivals Asian holidays and

In the lead-up to Deepavali and during the festive period itself, beautiful and intricate traditional rangoli artworks are made gestivals both a decoration and a symbol of good luck. It is also during this time that the houses and streets of Malaysia are adorned with colourful lights and oil lamps. Wesak Wesak is a Buddhist festival celebrated to pay tribute to the birthday, enlightenment and the attainment of Nirvana in the life of Lord Buddha.

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