Vintage micky mouse telephones

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Mickey Mouse Phones

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Pac-Man Phone InPac-Man was at peak popularity and that meant he got his own one-piece ttelephones phone, too. The phone was originally produced by Bell System. Gumby Phone This Gumby phone has a pretty heartwarming origin story. The creator of Gumby, Art Clokey, didn't want to make Gumby products at first because he didn't want parents to think he was exploiting their kids.

Mouse Vintage telephones micky

The overwhelming demand for Gumby toys proved to him that parents did not see it that way at all. So he created Prema Toy Company to create Bumby merch, among which was this pretty sweet Gumby phone. Ronald McDonald Phone Another thing that happened in the s was mouxe trend that saw the telephone become a promotional device, and not just telepuones telemarketers cold-calling houses. This Ronald McDonald phone is a good example, a collectible released by McDonald's in the s to feed their customer base beyond their burgers.

Keebler Elf Phone Keebler kept people coming back for their snacks by creating the now-iconic Keebler elves in Super-fans of Parley Baer or simply Keebler cookie fans likely couldn't resist this collectable Keebler Elf phone released in the s. Columbia Tel-Com Pump Phone Columbia Tel-Com released a ton of novelty phones in the s, but one of the ones that seems to stick the most in the minds of retro enthusiasts is a model made to look like a woman's high-heeled shoe. These came in various colors, but most commonly red or pink. Translucent Phone Clear phones became a real thing in the s, sold by novelty companies and serious consumer technoloy shops like Radio Shack alike.

The most popular model might be the colorful Conair version depicted here. Hamburger Phone Popularized in the s, The Hamburger Phone was a tradmarked thing that remained popular through the s. The craze likely inspired copycat phones in the shapes of other foods like bananas, apples, hot dogs and even ketchup bottles. Hot Lips Phone Like the pump phone, the "hot lips" phone came in many colors, including pink, red and nude lips. It is probably the most ubiquitous of any novelty phone. We recommend you contact Pakmail at for all your packing and shipping needs of larger items.

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