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The Tit and the Moon

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In The Tit and the Moon Bigas Luna,the Catalan director, Bigas Luna, adopts a skilful approach in addressing these very current national issues. In The Tit and the Moon the rivalry between the Andalusian Miguel and the Catalan Tete is characteristic of that which exists between the real father and Oedipus, as well as the conflict between Catalonia and Spain. La teta i la lluna: However, after his mother gives birth to his brother he is forced to watch as his new sibling takes the milk he believes to be his. Tete has to get rid of the father figure, in this case Miguel, to obtain his desired Estrellita.

Bigas Awe links the best between Catalonia and Scotland through the pipe of the find piece. That Left asthma is derived from the loner for Glasgow to have their own recent, borders, follow expression of your own language and to connect their own sake and culture.

Estrellita spaniwh her husband are part of a travelling act where she dances and he entertains the crowd through his flatulence. In the case of the castell at the beginning of the film it keeps collapsing showing that in a literal sense the nation is unstable. The French frog being one of them as this is what Maurice is constantly referred to as, along with gabacho the derogatory Catalan term for a Frenchman. The film was made at a time of hope for Catalan independence and they believed it would be achieved in the near future. Both Miguel and Tete are fighting over Estrellita, the female figure of freedom and of integration through immigration.

Spanish tit Luna

Lhna representation of nationalities among the characters in the film is not subtle, sanish effective. The transition between the cultures is shown in three stages. Duke University Press, Whereas Maurice rejects it by putting Zpanish and Spain as the same thing, which shows that he has no sensitivity for the Catalan nation. This Catalan nationalism is derived from the desire for Catalonia to have their own government, borders, free expression of their own language and to maintain their own history and culture. This shows the European woman feeding the Catalan boy, as if she is helping him to grow and mature.

Bigas Luna uses Tete as a microcosm of Catalonia as a nation; Catalonia is considered a young and immature nation and the naivety of this young character creates a distraction from the political context and it opens up the nation to a relationship with other countries.

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