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He pivoted me so why in his parole maintenance me pound him so much I entitled again but in mins. His cum was hot and operated.

He asked me why men would want to be with me, so I showed him my dick. He stared at it as if it was from another planet. I told him to show me his and he did. He was a respectable average. He was panic stricken but got an erection. I said nothing but went over and sucked him till he came. When I was done he started to cry. He told me he loved me as his brother and hoped that I did too. After that, I would take stolen moments with him usually capitalizing on it being a situation where he was fearful of being caught. Chris Reply I was about 16 years old n had the hugest crush on my neighbor. He was almost He was so beautiful. Puerto Rican dark hair dark eyes the kind that looks like he has eyeliner on he Cum sleepover buddy fondle me and my hairy chest a nice shade of brown skin too.

He almost looked like he was Arabian. My sister was so in love with him. So was all the girls in tube neighborhood and at school. He lived 5 houses down n I was friends with all his siblings especially his sisters. But we would hangout a lot too. Go bike riding smoke n drink n have sleepovers. Well one Friday night he wanted to break night n stay up till the sun came up. So I went over n we smoked n played Super Nintendo all damn night. About 7am I was super sleepy. N saw him dose off so I decided to knock out too. He was so hard. I could see his bulge n my mouth was watering n I was so hard I was pre cummin.

But nothing could happen so I dosed off. I guess I had my legs open Cuz I felt something come up the hole in my boxers but thought nothing of it Cuz I thought it was a dream. I had never felt so much pleasure!!! So obviously was amazing! He kept going at my Dick like a pro. I was trying to peek through the pillow n was so hott watching his beautiful face slob on my cock. He then got up n kneeled by my face n shoved his 8 inch throbbing dick in my mouth. It was dripping so much pre cum n tasted so good. He then sat on my face n rode my tongue as he sucked on me some more.

That made me so much more horny I exploded all in his face n as I kept shooting he was trying to catch it all in his mouth n he did as I grabbed his wet Dick n he throat fucked me n came down my throat. I thought we was done but we was both super hard still so we continued to touch n lick. He went to my bubble ass n ate me out like crazy. He flipped me over n ate me from behind. I noticed he stopped n slowly crept up where his cock was swinging n throbbing on my ass. He spit on my hole then slowly fed me his throbbing cock. It hurt so bad but then turned to so much pleasure. As he played on top of me n lightly moaned in the back of my ear I could feel him tighten up n Dick throbbing harder as I bounced of his Dick I feel him shoot all in my ass.

I turned over n sucked the rest of the nut off his Dick tasting my ass. I was still hard n horny so I went to eat him n he bent over on all fours waiting to be plowed by my thick cock. He shoved me so deep in his hole making me pound him so hard I came again but in mins. Was my 1st time n definitely not last with him. We would continue to Fuck around. Riding our bikes to these trucks with tires in them n would play in there or alleys or garages n back yards n abandoned buildings lol. I was gay but he continued to date women. We fucked around for many years.

I am now N he is married with a daughter. Through all those years we never kissed each other or talked about it at all. We would just go to work on each other n then that was it. Aaron Reply I live in a small Texas town that houses the largest military base so we get to see a lot of soldiers around town. I was getting off work one night and traditionally we try to make it out fast so we can grab a drink at one of the other restaurants that stay open later. After a couple of drinks he saw that I was leaving and asked me point blank if he could fuck me. He was about 6ft, blond short military cut, muscular and tatted up. I told him to follow me home.

I finally suggested that I lay on the bed and he jack off on my ass. This seemed to immediately excite him, so I got undressed and laid on the bed.

He took off his clothes and man was he hot. Cjm have heaps of types but a hung muscle guy got me hard fast. He was very close and asked if he could grab my ass. I told him yes and as soon as he touched it he started getting turned on.

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He rubbed his cock between my cheeks and started talking dirty; his nervousness buddj to lessen. I pushed my hole back up against him chesr he started cussing which was a big turn on. I wanted him inside me. I lathered my Palm with spit and reached back to grab his cock. When I lubed him up sleepoved my saliva he groaned and I knew I could get him to fuck me. With his cock covered in my spit, I pushed back and felt his entire length slide inside me. I laughed it off with "They don't have to be hot you would fuck anything with a pulse, well besides me", not thinking anything of it because normally when I say something like that he calls me fondlr poof and says budddy would