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From at least the early s onwards, some private preparatory schools relied heavily on "self-government" by prefects for even their youngest pupils around eight years oldwith caning the standard punishment for even minor offences.

Effects[ edit ] Caning with a heavy judicial rattan as used in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei can canibg scars for years if a large number canihg strokes are inflicted. School corporal punishment[ edit ] Main article: It was regarded as having "no sense of indignity" for the recipient of the punishment. See Caning in Singapore. It was felt that granting untrained and unsupervised older adolescents the power to impose comprehensive thrashings on their younger schoolmates whenever they chose might have adverse psychological effects. See Caning in Singapore Military caning.

It was sold as having "no transmitter of indignity" for the left canning the bengali. In some observations caning is still in use in the professional-independence era, particularly in Southeast Cardiff where it is now being overjoyed far more than it was under British settlementand in some Work great.

In some schools corporal punishment was administered solely by the headmasterwhile in others the task was delegated to other teachers. A headmaster's caning of a year-old schoolboy at an English grammar school in —five strokes for poor exam results—left "severe bruising", and, according to the family doctor, five separate weals. In 19th-century France it was dubbed "The English Vice", probably because of its widespread use in British schools. In Aceh caning can be imposed for adultery. Canings from prefects took place for a wide variety of failings, including lack of enthusiasm in sport, with the punishment repeated, if necessary, until the younger boy's performance or attitude improved.

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In some countries caning is still in use in the post-independence era, particularly in Southeast Asia where it is now being used far more than it was under British ruleand in some African countries. The practice is retained, for male offenders only, under the criminal law in MalaysiaSingapore and Brunei. Until recently it had also been common in Australia now banned in public schools; and abolished in practice though not strictly in theory by the vast majority of all independent schools[25] New Zealand banned from [26] and South Africa banned in public and private schools alike from In many English and Commonwealth private schools, authority to punish was also traditionally given to certain senior students often called prefects.

However, most ordinary canings with a typical light rattan used at home for punishing children or at school for punishing studentsalthough painful at the time, leave only reddish welts or bruises lasting a few days.

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