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Participants reported in the past 12 months whether they had experienced 10 different types of discrimination e. The correlation between the discrimination measures was 0. Participants rated how often they experienced 20 symptoms e.

In accordance with wth scoring practice for the CES-D, participants who scored 16 or higher wwith the woen were classified as experiencing clinically significant depressive symptoms [ 47 ]. We calculated means, standard deviations, ranges, frequencies, and percentages to describe the sample. We performed bivariable mixed-effects logistic regression analyses to examine the relationship between demographic characteristics, psychosocial characteristics, behaviors, and perceived discrimination with clinically significant depressive symptoms. We then entered variables that were associated with clinically significant depressive symptoms into the multivariable mixed-effects logistic regression model to identify the independent contribution of each while adjusting for the effects of the other variables in the model; this is a standard approach to model building [ 49 ].

As transgender women may differentially interpret the items for sexual discrimination i. All analyses were conducted in Stata version 12 and mixed-effects logistic regression analyses were conducted using the statistical procedure GLLAMM. Participant Characteristics On average, participants were Most of the sample identified as male Table 1 summarizes participant characteristics. Correlates with Depressive Symptoms The bivariable modeling shows age, employment status, masculinity, fatalism, and social support were significantly associated with clinically significant depressive symptoms see Table 2.

Bivariable and multivariable associations with clinically significant depressive symptoms. Nearly three-quarters of participants Further, over one-third These results underscore the need to consider the role of different types of discrimination on mental health. One potential reason for this difference is the particular context of the South and NC which includes a recent rapid growth in Latino populations, a lack of bilingual and bicultural infrastructure and resources, and greater hostility toward Latinos compared to states with longer histories of Latino immigration [ 327 — 29 ]. For Latino sexual minority men and Latina transgender women, passing as heterosexual or cisgender may minimize some discrimination, thereby, reducing multiple marginalization that may incur from embodying multiple minority statuses.

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When navigating mental and other healthcare services, the implications of passing can vary. When the analysis of the association between sexual discrimination and clinically significant depressive symptoms was limited to a subsample of cisgender men, the magnitude and direction of the association remained similar, but the statistical significance was reduced. Sexual latinno scores between Latino sexual minority men and Latina wigh women were not laatino different results not shown. Taken together, this lattino that, by limiting the sample size towe may have reduced statistical power. These results have several implications. Health practitioners should latinl aware of how laatino is associated with clinically significant depressive symptoms and the need for culturally congruent mental health Se for Latinos.

A dearth Sex with latino women mental health services exists in new Latino settlement states like NC [ 53 ]. This is particularly problematic given that Latinos face many health access barriers, including mistrust, and thus may avoid seeking services that do exist [ 54 ]; this is especially true for Latino sexual minority men and Latina transgender women [ 55 ]. Our findings reinforce that more bilingual and bicultural mental health resources are needed that are accessible and consider factors such as discrimination, masculinity, fatalism, and social support.

Non-Latino workers must be sensitive to this, and may need to adapt their style to the expectations of a Latino client. Some modifications may include an increased amount of self-disclosure, accepting gifts often foodand more physical contact e. In addition, interventions may need to be more solution-focused, directive, and active Gelman, Because Latinos value respect, social workers need to understand the hierarchy of power within a family system. It is also important to develop personal relationships before proceeding to a professional relationship Gutierrez et al.

Disparities in belief systems should be addressed, so that treatment can begin with a mutual understanding Yeh et al. When assessing clients, individually or with their families, workers need to explore ethnicity. The assessment should also include issues of national origin, birthplace, immigration experience, length of time in the country, language preference, and the meaning of being Latino. The culturagram Congress, is an assessment guide for understanding immigrant populations.

Workers also need to educate themselves on Latino culture terms for treatment issues, such as ataque de nervios or susto Gutierrez et al. When providing oatino, social workers need to include empowerment as a goal. This includes helping clients understand their womdn, as well as ways to be involved in resolving those issues Gutierrez et al. Administrators and policymakers should learn the history of Latinos and identify how current services could be redesigned to better serve them Gutierrez et al. Because of cultural dith, Latinos may not have been exposed to how social work services can be helpful. It is important for social workers to attempt to educate the Latino community on the potential benefit that can come from social work services with an understanding of different belief systems about the causes of individual difficulties or mental health problems Yeh et al.

Also, when developing new programs or assessing current programs, focus groups with the Latino community can guide modification of programs to become increasingly culturally competent Waites et al. As Latino clients constitute a larger proportion of social service consumers, cultural competence will become an increasingly important skill for social workers. A multigenerational developmental perspective. Puerto Ricans and sexual child abuse. Treatment and prevention pp. Cultural and ethical issues in working with culturally diverse patients and their families: The use of the culturagram to promote cultural competent practice in health care settings.

Social Work in Health Care, 39, Race as an issue in practice. Guidelines for practice with individuals, families, and groups pp.

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