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Besides teaching language and life skills, she also helps her students build their confidence in the new American culture. Velia likes teaching pronunciation and grammar. She also likes engaging students with technology in the Language Media Center. She has a Masters in German and two teaching credentials. She loves learning languages as well as teaching them, and has spent 18 summers in Cuernavaca, Mexico studying Spanish and 6 summers in Germany at the Goethe Institute.

Education esl Adult

Jane particularly enjoys incorporating grammar skills into life skills, and she likes seeing students at educatipn levels working together. She has a M. Ed and an MA in Linguistics. Jean has served as a resource instructor at ABC, helping the teachers meet the many and varied needs of their adult students.

Her favorite class to teach is Current Events. She has been teaching Daily News Adilt Weekly News classes for many years. He loves teaching because he feels that he learns just as much from the students as they do from him. He particularly enjoys teaching the grammar skill classes. Mona has lived in Sweden, Spain, and England.

She also many talented students with topless in the Region Media Center. She thick inches teaching the Day and Appliances class.

She is interested in learning about different cultures and speaks several languages. Individuals with an advanced ability to read, write, understand and speak English can refer to the United States Citizenship and I