Piercing a clit

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riku07 has a clit piercing.

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A clit Piercing

Pierxing Many women confuse "clit piercings" with clitoral hood piercings, which are very different! Healthy urine is bug free, Pierccing can sting on the way out Take a clean piece of toilet paper Piering hold the piercing away from the flow of urine if possible to avoid stinging the piercing. All of these and more are addressed below, as is the rare clitoris piercing. A poorly placed piercing can result in a missed opportunity for enhancement. There are many nerve endings in small structures in this region so it is not an area with which to take risks.

DO NOT swim in any public swimming pools, spa pools or baths for at least two weeks. Swimming in the sea and rivers is fine just make sure you wash the sand out of the piercing.

There's a lot to find, so do your money. And of psychopaths in energy and very preferences for sexual preference, each piercee must be heard and even did on an outbuilding basis before deciding on a devoted piercing.

A clean cotton bud will help Pirecing any crusts left behind. Page through my Pierciny posts to lcit about one bad genital piercing after another. Twice a day for the first 2 weeks, soak your piercing in a saline solution, for around 10 minutes. Deep piercings may spot for several days If you experience heavy bleeding please contact your piercer Unscented panty liners may be worn in case of spot bleeding If your piercing is uncomfortable once the numbing has worn off you may wish to take panadol or nurofen, remember to follow the manufactures guidelines regarding these, and what you can take safely Remember that your piercing is a wound, there will be a little tenderness, swelling and discolouration and possibly bruising and itching.

There's a lot to know, so do your homework! Note also that there is a great deal of confusion about the terminology. Unfortunately, many piercers have NO specific training in genital piercings whatsoever! Take care with alcohol and fuzzy drinks as they can make the urine quite acidic. Three primary hood piercings are done: It will scare you—and it should, so you will educate yourself to make sure you get a safe, successful piercing.

A normal part Pircing the healing process is the secretion of yellow fluid, that dries and forms a crust about the Jewellery. Provides intermittant stimulation of Clit Drawback can be a little uncomfortable for some ladies that are quite narrow or carrying extra weight A body piercing ring is used and stimulation occurs as the ball moves Provides a larger degree of stimulation to clit Drawback occassionally you can become over stimulated or desensitized, this is easily fixed by changing jewellery shape and size. Because of variations in anatomy and personal preferences for sexual stimulation, each piercee must be evaluated and even counseled on an individual basis before deciding on a genital piercing.

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