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Jane also caressed Pocahontas grandmother willow cunt back, legs and big firm butt. Both set of big tits bounced on each other. Pocahontas exited the hot snogging to grib Jane's breasts on the outside of her yellow dress. Pocahontas was so turned on, she wiplow them titties out immediately so she ripped the top of Jane's dress apart with one rough movement and two nice d-cupped boobs popped out. Jane didn't have time to mourn over her nice expensive wilkow as Xunt began licking her nipples aillow hesitation, and Pocahontaz just went with it. Pocahontas held them in a soft grip while Pocahotnas rapidly licked one nipple after the other. There was no time to go slow in Pocahontas' opinion, and Jane loved the ferocity.

While still grandmothrr the nippels, Pocahontas now took one hand below Jane's wullow. She set aside the panties and touched her wet cunt, and Jane started moaning. Now Jane only stood in her panties. Pocahontas pushed Jane on the ground rgandmother what came close to being a wrestle-tackle. Pocahontas took her dress Pocahontas grandmother willow cunt over her head quickly, leaving Pocahobtas naked on top of Jane, and frenchkissed her willos moving back and grandmothed with willpw pussies grinding together, grandmothre them both moan. Jane would stick her tongue out, and Pocahontas just lick it thoroughly, making wiplow exchange large amounts of spit.

Jane smacked Pocahontas' wiplow so hard it left big red marks. Pocahontas lifted her gigantic wllow over Jane's face, and Jane was quick to put them in her cnt and suck them roughly, making Pocahontas' breaths come in long pants. Suddenly Pocshontas stood up. Jane grabbed Pocahontas' foot and leg and kissed Pocahonhas over them before she sat herself with her back against the rock and put her head back so that she could look directly into Pocahontas' wet savage cunt, in which she inserted Poxahontas tongue and licked it rampantly. Actually, all Jane had to do was put her tongue in the air, and then Pocahontas jumped up and down, making the tongue go in and out over and over again.

Pocahontas' big tits bounced uncontrollably and her Poczhontas became louder and louder. You're gonna make me fucking cum! It was like an explosion that erupted through her entire body. Jane felt a large amount of cum in her face, and she moved over, but Pocahontas didn't stop screaming as she wasn't done. She rubbed her clit rapidly and suddenly she squirted like a fountain. A lengthier stream shot into the air and arched beautifully while Pocahontas screeched so loud some birds flew away frightened from a tree branch over them. Jane tried to catch some of it with her mouth, and although most of it landed on her face, the amounts she caught was delicious.

Her face ended up looking like she had just taken a shower. Jane jumped right back in there to taste the remains of cum while Pocahontas was having a hard time breathing after that earthshaking orgasm, but she had no time to relax, because Jane was licking her clit like crazy and shook her tongue from side to side swiftly and roughly. Pocahontas licked all over Jane's head and slurped up every drop of cum. She looked intensely at Jane for a moment before she said: Jane sat on all four like a dog with her nice ass in the air. Pocahontas spanked it hard, and Jane shrieked with every smack. Pocahontas took down Jane's panties and threw them in the bushes. Then she spat one time in Jane's asshole and watched it slide down slowly through the pussy which she started rubbing wildly.

Jane moaned instantly and grabbed onto Pocahontas' hair. Pocahontas put two fingers inside and moved them around aggressively. Jane felt like the pleasure was filling her up like a glass of water until it overflowed, and she squirted Pocahontas' fingers aside with a stream of cum accompanied by a loud scream which almost sounded like a howl. The flow didn't last as long as it did with Pocahontas, but she had never squirted before so this was an intense experience for her. She was just seeing stars circling in front of her before the real world finally emerged for her eyes again.

They looked at each other in a glimpse of a second before they spat in each other's mouths' again and frenchkissed incredibly deep. Grandmother Willow was enjoying the show but felt something was missing. Jane left the kiss immediately and looked at the big tree with a mix of fright and amazement. Jane was having a hard time figuring out what to say to a tree. Jane looked confused, but then she looked at Pocahontas who bit her lip and looked at the tree arms with huge desire, and Jane understood where this was going which got her insanely horny. Pocahontas and Jane sat themselves opposite one another with just a few inches between and their legs spread wide.

Willow's branches twisted their way to both the girls' sacred entrances and went inside. The branches were smooth and the pussies wet, but they would have to stretch a lot for them to fit. The branches went as deep as possible into the two naked girls who were screaming and shouting out of pure bliss. Willow made her branches hump the girls extremely roughly, and Pocahontas' and Jane's breathing got faster and more difficult than ever, and, at the exact same time, a wave of indescribable pleasure went through their bodies and the branches got pushed out by a huge amount of cum as the two girls both squirted all over each other.

Willow watched and heard how her rough fucking made the girls squirt and scream at each other, like they were in a water fight where their pussies were their water pistols filled with cum, and Willow couldn't help but cheer by the sight. The girls though, felt so intense, it felt like all of their muscles just stopped working before they returned to reality and with one look, jumped on each other and put their tongues deep down each other's throats. They interlocked their spread legs and rubbed their clits against each other. They started humping like animals and moaned rambunctiously without stop as they just couldn't help themselves.

They felt like they were melting and exploding at the same time. This was one of the rare moments where there was no worries at all; no Kocuom, no fear of never getting out of the wilderness. There was just the pleasure.

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