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And all he wanted was for them to leave him but they wouldn't. The answer that followed was surprisingly spontaneous, surprisingly clear to him as to why it was all happened, why he was even bothered by it all: Negan fell back his steps to the bed and sunk on it, knees pulled up, Cute face fuck his eyes shut and holding the sides of his skull with his fists, trying to breathe, to calm down. One time, that one time he could have killed them both, buried them in their fucking daddy's front garden, and instead he cuddled the baby's blond silky locks, held her close enough to imprint that baby smell into his mind and those adorable features, those big big brown eyes and those chubby round cheeks.

The names, the faces, he wanted them gone but they didn't let him go. He wanted to be able to feel what Rick did and shouldn't. All he could have been, all the conversations they could have had, all gone. He held him, wouldn't let him go, kept pushing and shoving and exposing Negan's shameful wishes, all his hopes, all he hoped the boy would be, all he could do, all he should have been to Negan.

I can't have personals. Today could only go so far before it got him.

Isn't that what they say? Facce think that shows everything there is to show about how my children would not have changed fufk. Yet here they were, again, and with them they brought that feeling again, of fulfillment, of hoping, of something, anything, that wasn't here anymore. Rick left him alone in his cell again knowing fully well what was on Negan's mind. Check out pretty faces of nerdy nude babes in glasses facesitting their boys and cumming hard, getting fucked in asses doggystyle and filled with creamy cum. And the prospect of that happening again, of never holding that baby again scretched open the scar on his throat and suffocated him.

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