Inflammatory breast cancer photos

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What Are the Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

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Survival rates are often based Inflammatory previous outcomes of large numbers of people who had the disease, but they cannot predict what will happen in phofos particular person's case. Many other factors can affect a person's outlook, such as age, general health, treatment received, and how well the cancer responds to treatment. Your doctor can tell you how the numbers below may apply to you, as he or she is familiar with your situation. These survival rates are based on people diagnosed years ago. Improvements in treatment since then may result in a more favorable outlook for people now being diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.

Why is inflammatory breast cancer so deadly? Because of the tendency for misdiagnosis.

IBC is often mistaken for mastitis, or sometimes even shingles. On other occasions, IBC may be mistaken for a different type of locally advanced breast cancer and not given the right treatment. The difficulty of diagnosis in combination with the fast growth cancr the cancer often means IBC is at an advanced stage at diagnosis. What causes inflammatory breast cancer? The causes of inflammatory breast cancer are still not fully understood. However, viral infection, genetic factors and obesity are all thought to have a link. I have inflammatory breast cancer and have been told that I need neoadjuvant chemotherapy, what does this mean?

Neoadjuvant therapy actually means any medical therapy that is given before surgery to shrink the tumor or halt or slow down the disease process.

Breast photos Inflammatory cancer

Because this cancer can cause inflammation and swelling, breast enlargement or thickness can occur. The affected breast may appear noticeably larger than the other breast or feel heavy and hard. Some women with IBC also experience breast shrinkage and their breast decreases in size. Inflammatory breast cancer vs. Mastitis can cause swelling, pain, and redness in the breasts.

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The infection can be caused by a blocked milk duct or bacteria entering the skin Inflammaotry a crack or cacner around the nipple. Mastitis may also cause a feverheadacheand nipple discharge. These three symptoms are not typical of IBC. Since the symptoms of mastitis and inflammatory breast cancer can be confused, you should never diagnose yourself with either condition. Let your doctor make the diagnosis. Even though it might be not be cause for alarm, tell your doctor about anything you notice that seems unusual.

Unusual discharge from your nipples can be a symptom of breast cancer. This includes a clear cajcer and bloody discharge. They can do an examination and find out the cause. Swelling can also cause breast tenderness, and it may be slightly uncomfortable to wear a bra or lie down on your stomach. This is perfectly normal and rarely indicative of breast cancer. If you notice your breasts swelling at times other than your menstrual cycle, or if only one breast is swollen, talk to your doctor. Mutations within the abnormal cell's DNA instruct it to grow and divide rapidly. The accumulating abnormal cells infiltrate and clog the lymphatic vessels in the skin of your breast.

The blockage in the lymphatic vessels causes red, swollen and dimpled skin — a classic sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Risk factors Factors that increase the risk of inflammatory breast cancer include:

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