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Masturbation is making yourself feel good by using your hands or toys on yourself alone or partnered.

However, bodies are full of all kinds of sensitive spots, so feel free to explore multiple areas and sensations. Vaginas don't feeels much sensation; for women who do enjoy intercourse and that's not everyone the pleasure comes from wanting to feel their partner inside them, relational closeness and the friction on the clitoris and its nerve endings. Remember, the choice is yours. And check in with yourself to confirm if you really want these strangers inside your body. Listening to your body.

Consent is a key part of happy and healthy sex. Talk about what feels good for you and encourage your partner s to do the same. Try touching yourself on different parts of your body, changing speeds or levels of pressure to get a sense of what you might like. Tips for making sex more pleasurable What is sex? This can be influenced by how you were raised, spirituality, comfort with your body, where you want to have sex, who might know about it, etc. Each sex partner will have their own too.

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Your success in getting aroused suggests hormonally you're OK — are you reaching orgasm OK fee,s clitoral stimulation of some sort? Finding out what feels good Sexual pleasure is different for everyone — we all have our own sensitive spots, fantasies and turn-ons. Here are some things you can do to help ease these worries: Understanding your own sexual needs, boundaries, preferences and desires, and communicating about them can help sex feel good. If nothing seems to be helping things feel better, checking in with a clinician can help figure out if something medical is going on, or provide you with other resources.

Inside Sex feels

insdie Keep a sense of humour. Doing your insidde research and talking to friends can help connect you with sex-positive, body-positive, trans-positive, pleasure focused resource materials that can expand what sex can mean to you. Deciding what you want. Sometimes a bit of humour helps to break the ice and makes everyone more comfortable. Who's on top and in what placement varies according to body shape, so casual sex with different partners would require you shifting yourself or your partner's hips up or down to find the right place to maximise friction.

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